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Latest Equipment

Selecting the right piece of equipment is an integral part of providing first class cleaning services. Quayclean has invested, and continues to invest, in specialised equipment to meet the day to day and ongoing requirements of our client's venues. Through our experiences over the last decade at an array of facilities, Quayclean recommend the best equipment for your site that will increase staff productivity, cleaning efficiency and confidence amongst staff.

Quayclean are always on the lookout for new innovative solutions to our equipment needs, and a recent addition to our inventory is a selection of iodised window cleaning machines, which are now in use at a number of our venues and stadiums across Australia. The iodised window cleaning machines eliminate the use of a soapy applicator and squeegee to clean the windows. The long extension pole eliminates the use of booms and is less labour intensive, therefore reducing the costs to the client. Put simply, we can clean more windows in less time!