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Partnering Approach

Quayclean has built an enviable reputation for being flexible, committed and proactive in their approach to any undertaking. Our client relationships are our number one priority and whilst all businesses might attest to this, we demonstrate our commitment through a hands on
management approach.

Our team is committed to ongoing communication with all relevant stakeholders. We provide a tailored real time web based KPI system which enables our team to respond quickly to all requests. Supervisors are equipped with the latest technologies, including an iPhone and/or and iPad, making them accessible at all times. Requests are issued via real time reporting and supervisors are alerted via their PDA, providing immediate response to all situations. Event staff also carry two-way radios, ensuring they are contactable at all times.

In addition to our web based KPI tools, Quayclean also provide a help desk service for all major events ensuring, once again, immediate action to all requests. We understand the dynamic nature of your facilities . . . how can we help you?