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Programs & Products

Specialty Products

Quayclean has produced a range of unique environmentally friendly products designed to regenerate non-slip surfaces that have become worn down over time. This product revitalises the surface and restores it to its original standard. Our specifically formulated and patented products clean pool decks and associated surfaces, providing a level of slip resistance that has been recognised by the CSIRO to be of a very high standard and consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS 4663:2004 and AS/NZS 4586:2004.

Green Waste Programs

We are fully committed to a "green" waste program. All staff, for example, ensure that recyclable products are placed in identified disposable containers or bins, allowing our garbage collection services to dispose of them in the appropriate manner. We consider this practice to be essential in maintaining an environment free of garbage build up, and we believe it is also a more cost effective way of disposal. Our programs aim to;

   • Reduce your environmental footprint
   • Save money through the reduction of energy consumption
   • Reduction in the use of materials
   • Producing less waste going to landfill
   • Ability to allocate resources more efficiently